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Introduction to Google My Business

Google is undoubtedly the most popular and widely used search engine on the planet, and is used by a population north of 1.2 billion people every month. Hence, the popular search engine can easily be considered as a minefield for business resources, especially for small businesses. The Google My Business is a platform that helps small business to connect with customers and interested parties through search panels, Google Maps and Google Plus. Utilizing the platform also allows small businesses to be easily recognized and located by customers, which helps to popularize and increase revenue generation of the business. (more…)

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Understanding the Benefits and Importance of Digital Marketing

The last decade or two have been completely revolutionary due to the integration of the digital world in the life of the common people. Internet is no longer used only to send emails across international borders. Today, the digital world is being utilized even to buy bread and butter along with other everyday necessities. Such has been the impact of the digital world in our daily lives.


Digital world as a platform to reach out to customers


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People often have the misconception that the logo is equivalent to the brand, and the popularity of the logo translates to the popularity of the brand. This is, however, not true. A logo is a small, but significant part of the brand. It is important to understand and realize the importance of a logo in regards to creating a brand image and identity and develop a logo accordingly. In order to do so, it is critical to understand logo and its importance to a brand.

logo design (more…)

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The most happening Web Design Trends of 2015 worth checking out

web design trend

The year 2014 witnessed the evolution of a few revolutionary trends in the industry of web designing with Flat Designing, Background Videos, Grid Layouts and HTML5 APIs being a few of them. 2015 promises to be no less with a number of creative trends taking shape this year too. It is, however, important to know that most of these trends are not entirely new. They are simply a newer angle to the existing web designing trends. Some of the finest web designing trends of 2015 has been listed here. (more…)

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What is Search Engine Optimization? – All you need to know about SEO!

search engine optimization, seo

Most people have the belief that once they develop a website for their businesses or services, they have a commendable presence on the internet. This notion, however, is not entirely true! Having a website developed definitely offers a business with an online presence, but that presence is not effective in helping the business prosper. Visitors on the internet will not be driven to their website by a meager presence. They have to be driven towards the website through additional efforts and external means. That is where Search Engine Optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, comes into play. (more…)

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Mobile-Friendly Website: An Essential to a Successful SEO Strategy in 2015

Today also there are some organizations which are resistant to have a mobile-friendly website. It might be either because they don’t feel the importance of it or they lack the resources. And if you would like to continue being relevant in 2015 on the most extensively used search engine, Google then now it’s the time to start building a mobile-friendly website if you are not already.

Three reasons why your organization should have a mobile-friendly website in 2015:

Increased Number of Mobile Visits

Google labels those websites as “mobile-friendly” websites that are optimized for mobile. Failing to have such website can have a bad impact on your website’s Click-Through Rate (CTR). Let us take an example, if a user performs a search with their mobile device. Nine of the top ten results have a “mobile-friendly” label, all being almost same, the mobile user will give preference to the nine results that Google identifies as being mobile-friendly. Hence, it will effect the website’s CTR if your website is not mobile-friendly, and the website which is will have more CTR.Google provides a tool to allow the website owners to test if their website is mobile-friendly or not. The website will receive the “mobile-friendly” designation if it passes this test. (more…)

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Digital Marketing- A Prerequisite for Your Growing Business

It doesn’t feel like the year 2000 was all that long back, does it? But on the Internet, a decade is a prolonged time. 10 years ago we were in the age of the dot-com, the Web was firmly 1.0, and Google was just a baby. Since then people have rushed onto the Internet. Really, you can’t even realize how many more people are on the Internet now until you start comparing numbers.

internet user trend



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Importance of Professional Website Design

The website design is very crucial to receive traffic and keep visitors engaged in our website. Various researches have shown that first impression is very powerful for a company and the website too. A viewer’s first impression takes approximately five seconds of viewing a website’s home page. A welcome entrance to your website – home page, easy to navigate, etc. are the places where your potential customers can get all the information they are seeking for. A website containing poor and unprofessional design will ascertain a bad reflection of the company and hence the viewer will be no longer interested to stick to the website.

There are several companies that have not succeeded only because their website is poorly designed though the content of the website is very informative. Not only this, they also provide excellent services to their old clients, but now they are unable to attract new clients. The main reason behind this might be that many business owners work on their websites without any professional website designer’s assistance. (more…)

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